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My belly was now fully extended (I hope it was) and my to born was regularly assuring me of his presence inside by giving me kicks or punches. pet sex chat. However, the real meal was yet to come as he rewarded me with a huge load of thick semen which I hungrily gulped down as my fingers were making their way between my pussy lips. piers bierne bestiality. Once a year, before winter, they always plan this one week trip to gather food for the slack season. human having sex with animals. Slowly, I slid my hand on my body. free animal sex movies. I think the rest of the pack was aware of this unusual situation and always managed to bring out edible fruits for me. Gay Animal Sex For the next half hour, I kept waiting for all the cum which was leaking out of my small pussy to come out. A stickery hot fluid was now covering the tip of his prick and a small ball was starting to grow at the base. It was still hard as a rock!! Meeting his eyes, now reflecting nothing but pure lust, I submissively laid on the ground to get him missionary style. - It was Snow, mom, it was Snow who saved me from the bear. Our lips met in a powerful embrace of our own. Gay Animal Sex His rough tongue worked like electricity on my clit, I was already close to orgasm. I started to lick the tip of his protruding cock while I played with his testicles with my other hand. female beastiality stories. - Hell, you just peed in me, what's your problem? However, he didn't respond and continued to stare at the air. This wolf was looking at me as a potential lover. Of course, I was told to stay home, leaving my patrol duty to other female wolves. Gay Animal Sex To my surprise, he wasn't finished yet, I could still feel his long hard prick inside my asshole. whiteshadows beast stories. Suddenly, I heard a fierce growl coming from one of the body guard who was heading toward me. I sucked at his tongue as he tried to slide it out of my mouth. I waited for the object of my desire to hit his rightful place, but instead, he kept at rubbing his thick rod against my crotch as if teasing me. When the first winter came, I was forced to stay all day long in our cavern. Gay Animal Sex

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